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Block producers at EOS are struggling hard with falling prices. Currently, producing EOS blocks is no longer worthwhile. One possible solution, according to a study, would be adjusted inflation.

The current situation in the crypto market is having an impact above all on those who support the networks. In the course of the falling Bitcoin price, several Bitcoin miners switched off their devices. It simply no longer seemed to be profitable enough. Due to a decreasing difficulty and new Bitcoin mining devices, the community got their problem under control again (to some extent). At EOS the situation looks a bit more dicey at the moment.

Study: Bitcoin revolution in trouble

As a recent study found out, the Bitcoin revolution is currently no longer worthwhile. Here is the Bitcoin revolution review. For example, 100 per cent of the EOS block producers surveyed stated that they were no longer in the profitable sector. According to the survey, the break-even point for the EOS block producers was an average EOS exchange rate of four US dollars in November.

One possible solution to these problems is the monetization of services in the EOS network. For example, it is conceivable to charge fees for websites, tools, ads and dApps. One concern of the block producers here, however, is a possible negative feedback from the community.

Solution: dynamic Bitcoin revolution

Since the reward for the block producers is fixed at one percent, a dynamic Bitcoin revolution would also be conceivable, the study continues: It would therefore be possible to adjust the reward for the EOS block producers to the respective EOS share price. However, the majority of the block producers surveyed were in favour of the latter option:

„A whole 73 per cent of the block producers surveyed want dynamic inflation. And that despite the fact that they know exactly that they would limit their profits in bull markets with it.